Dhaval and Jordana have been talking about the program's concepts and laying pipe-dreams since working together in gradschool years ago. Dhaval has now joined Jordana as a partner of Wildtrax Explorations and in making those dreams a reality.  As a city dweller, Dhaval consumed large amounts of wildlife documentaries that developed a dedication for studying animals.  As a kid, Dhaval knew that Africa would play a role in his life.  He made his dream a reality when he lived in Tanzania as an undergraduate student on a study abroad program.   Thereafter, he has visited Tanzania on numerous occasions that include living in the bush studying elephants.  Dhaval is fluent in Kiswahili and has had several cultural experiences that changed his life.   He has worn many hats since graduating with degrees in Animal Behavior and Biology.  Zookeeper, ecologist and biologists are roles that Dhaval has played, but his heart remains in wildlife conservation in Africa.  His hair is grayer, but this city-slicker turned “bushman” still has the enthusiasm for sharing his love of wildlife with you!

Wildtrax Discovery Courses are for the adventurous university student who wants to learn through discovery.   The Wildtrax Explorer Programs offers you special courses and content covering African wildlife ecology,  community conservation and veterinary work!  The Discovery Courses allow students to experience the lessons from their textbooks and receive credit towards their degree.

Wildtrax Volunteer Programs offer you a truly authentic experience full of culture, wildlife, adventure and laughs that will change you for the rest of your life!  Wildtrax has carefully selected wildlife projects deemed as leaders in their conservation efforts in South Africa! This is your chance to play an active role in efforts to save and conserve the beautiful wildlife of South Africa!

About Wildtrax



Wildtrax Explorations (WE) creates opportunities for people to journey with the purpose of building personal connections with natural and human resources through education and application. 


WE envision a younger generation that is familiar with the challenges and nuances of conserving natural resources and cultures. Their international experiences should generate perspectives that allow them to create interdisciplinary solutions to develop a sustainable society. WE programs inspire people to take action in making a difference within themselves and their surroundings through learning and experiencing the complex interactions between humans and nature.  


The goal of  WE is to offer collegiate students and faculty the opportunity to learn about international wildlife, ecology and management through involvement in projects regions around the world.   Our company enables students to take their classroom training and apply it to actual studies and scenarios.  Students who complete a Wildtrax experience will be equipped with a toolkit that enables them to create their own research or join existing conservation initiatives.  We want to produce active and innovative individuals who go on to have successful contributions to wildlife conservation.


Wildtrax Explorations was founded by Jordana Meyer, an American farm girl who wanted a way to share her passion for wildlife conservation, community upliftment, and  adventure with others. Jordana was introduced to South Africa while working as a wildlife biologist, specializing in behavioral endocrinology of the African elephant and black rhino. She has spent several years living in the bush during her research and is very experienced in advising clients from all walks of life upon their travels. Jordana has always believed in leaving the world a better place than how one finds it, and she was happy to start Wildtrax as one way to further that aim, as well as to help others with similar goals. Jordana is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge of conservation and Africa with the travelers of the world and personally designing their perfect experience!